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Cloister Group provides great attention and service to our clients. To learn more about the series listed below, tap on each category for a quick description. Then we invite you to connect with us directly, and discover why we proudly say “Great Service Makes Cents.”

Have a tax problem? We can fix it.
Stressing over new tax laws? We’ll figure it out for you.
Being underserved by a preparer at a discount chain? You deserve better.

To discuss your situation, contact Cloister Group anytime at 717-209-7130 or

Keep your finger on the pulse of business operations throughout the year. With proper analysis of year-to-date balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements, you can get a clear idea of how your business is doing. We’ll help you analyze the numbers and provide stakeholders in your business with what they need to know. We’ll also help spot and recommend practical adjustments to improve performance and avoid year-end surprises.

You have enough to do trying to serve your clients. Don’t let routine bookkeeping get in the way. Invite Cloister Group to customize a Quickbooks software solution that aligns nicely with your specific types of business revenues and expenses. With the right Quickbooks set up and access to an experienced accounting pro (for those tough questions!), you can remain focused on serving your own clients.

Taxes are a necessary part of any business. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of smart ways to reduce your tax burden. Cloister Group keeps in step with the ever-changing tax laws, and applies the latest information to help you protect critical assets while managing your tax obligations. From determining estimated quarterly payments to completing year-end final returns, Cloister Group will guide you and be ready to answer any questions. We’ll also be ready to help you respond to IRS questions if they contact you.

It can be time consuming to keep track of all the different influences on an employee’s paycheck — tax deductions, retirement contributions, healthcare plans — not to mention making sure direct deposit details are set up correctly. Keep life easy with Cloister Group payroll services. Let our office help you manage the details of managing deductions, payments, 1099s and more. It’s what we do.

Can you afford to add staff?
Is it time to expand your production line?
Is it smarter to buy or lease?
Should you refinance that loan now?

With insight on your goals, your performance and potential, and an understanding of outside market influences, Cloister Group consulting can help you make the tough choices you need to expand, reduce, buy, sell, and more. Consulting is a natural fit for our style of personalized service to you.

Brad Rauch’s 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry provides extra advantages to healthcare providers large and small. From business set-up to streamlining operations, Rauch Financial has the experience to guide your healthcare entity on a path of greater efficiency and improved profitability.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or group practice, managed care has already changed the way you do business!

For the primary care practitioner, your role as “gatekeeper” has placed new responsibilities on the way you register and schedule your patients. For specialists, your concern must center on receiving authorizations and referrals. “Clean” billing and collecting the proper amount owed continues the challenge.

Regardless of practice type, maintaining and managing a bottom line while practicing quality medicine is one of your greatest concerns. If you find that you are practicing quality medical care, billing clients and third parties and still you don’t see the financial return you were expecting, Cloister Group may be of help to you and your staff.

Cloister Group has significant experience negotiating all types of healthcare provider contracts. We can help you to determine your strategies, including the decision to entertain third party payers in the first place, which companies to contract with, what terms are important, whether or not the reimbursement is adequate and what your staff will need to know to implement the contract.

For existing contracts, we review reimbursement and contract terms in order to help you work through current outstanding issues and roadblocks your staff experience with third party payers.

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